Friday, October 23, 2015

Brad joins the band "STIR CRAZY"

Brad recently joined the popular Long Island band -- "STIR CRAZY".  Performing on Keyboards and Vocals, Brad can be seen in many popular venues on Long Island.  To check the schedule click on the website - and on Facebook at "StirCrazyBand1".

Welcome to the most exciting band on Long Island

  • STIR CRAZY is a high energy 5 piece band lead by a female and male singer with the most talented musicians from long Island who love to entertain.
  • STIR CRAZY has been around for over 15 years playing the finest establishments in the area always pumping the dance floor..
  • STIR CRAZY has a repertoire of 150+ songs to satisfy whatever your music taste is, from R & B & Funk, Disco, Classic Rock,Top 40 and the new hits on the radio today.
  • STIR CRAZY is fun to watch and their main goal is to intermingle with the patrons on the dance floor the entire night.
  • STIR CRAZY has played and is available for Private Parties, Bars, Restaurants, Corporate events,  Beach Huts, Town Concerts, & Street Fairs.
  • STIR CRAZY adds new songs at every show. SO.. want to hear something special? Let us know..

   Stir Crazy Website

Saturday, August 30, 2014

     SAN FRANCISCO HALF MARATHON COMPLETED                                           July 27, 2014

It was great to be part again of my favorite marathon that I have run 5 times.  This was the first half and it was just as enjoyable and challenging.  The highlight is running back and forth over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A year after knee surgery and my full marathon days well behind (11 completed), I'm returning again to run the half.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

FINISHED FIRST Roslyn Booster Greg Fried 5K Second Year in a Row

Finished 1st in my age class (55-59) at the Roslyn Booster Greg Fried 5K for the second year in a row.  Results: 1st Place  27:23   8:50 pace


This was one crazy run.  Decided to sign up for this race seeing it online.  Turned out to be very different.  Though not a large race (under 1,000), it has a larger appearance.  After check-in we boarded busses and transported through the main entrance to the tarmac and Runway 22.  Running down 22L was amazing.  Straight, flat, jets landing a couple of hundred feet above us and taxiing on Runway 22R for take-off.  Ran straight down to the end and headed back up to the start with a slight curve towards the finish.  Placed 4th in my age category (missed 3rd by 30 sec.).  Honestly, while running these races its hard to ascertain who you are really competing against as far as age is concerned.  Results: Finished 195 out of 963 with a time of 27:09 at an 8:47 pace.


Monday, April 01, 2013


Hiked up Piestewa Peak with Alana and ran a 6 miles in "Old Town",  Scottsdale, AZ.