Sunday, April 21, 2013


This was one crazy run.  Decided to sign up for this race seeing it online.  Turned out to be very different.  Though not a large race (under 1,000), it has a larger appearance.  After check-in we boarded busses and transported through the main entrance to the tarmac and Runway 22.  Running down 22L was amazing.  Straight, flat, jets landing a couple of hundred feet above us and taxiing on Runway 22R for take-off.  Ran straight down to the end and headed back up to the start with a slight curve towards the finish.  Placed 4th in my age category (missed 3rd by 30 sec.).  Honestly, while running these races its hard to ascertain who you are really competing against as far as age is concerned.  Results: Finished 195 out of 963 with a time of 27:09 at an 8:47 pace.


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