Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paul Giamatti "Win, Win" on location - Final tune up for LI Marathon

They are still filming "Win, Win" on Walnut St. in Rockville Centre. During my last training run before Sunday's LI Marathon I ran into the shoot again, but this time they were shooting outside the home that was rented for the location shoot. The scene was from the front door to the the porch and I watched the actual take. You actually here "action" and "cut". Saw the director, Tom McCarthy giving his direction to Giamatti and the girl who probably is playing his daughter and also his son. The shoot concludes with the three of them sitting on the steps of the porch. Very interesting, with all the trucks, lights, screens (filtering the sun), wires, monitors, caterers, and all. Well, back to running. Looking forward to Sunday's race, though the temperature is being forecasted to be around 80 degrees...ouch!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Running the Charles in Boston - April 1, 2010

While visiting in Boston, went for a long training run (13 miles) along both sides of the Charles River. I need to get in two long runs before the LI Marathon (5/2). This run had to be in the top 5 I have ever experienced. The weather was absolutely perfect and the areas vignettes were amazing. Started out at the BU Bridge and worked my way across the Charles to Memorial Drive and ran to Harvard Square in Cambridge. From there went down Mass Ave. to MIT and then along the Charles to the Longfellow Bridge. After crossing the Charles went west along the other side of the Charles along Storrow Drive to the MIT Bridge (Mass Ave.) crossed the river again and returned immediately to finish the run on the the BU track at Nickerson Field. I finished the run in Brookline at my daughter's apartment. From the charm of the river, the weather, the bustle of Cambridge, the people and the view of Boston, I felt I was running on a Sunday afternoon instead of a Thursday.