Tuesday, November 02, 2010

MARINE MARATHON COMPLETED - Washington, D.C Oct 31, 2010

Finished the Marine Marathon in Washington, D.C. with a time of 4:52. It was the largest field, 30,000, that I have ever run in a marathon. It was very hard to get a constant pace going due to the crowded field, runners cutting you off, "walkers" in the way, and fallen runners. But it was truly the most inspiring due to the large supporting crowds and the tour of Washington and all its sights, buildings and memorials. Here is my finish at 5:01:24 (clock time) recorded on video: BRAD's FINISH. This was my fourth marathon in 2010 (Napa, Long Island, San Francisco) and eighth overall since I started doing this crazy thing in 2008. Next up: I'm thinking about Pittsburgh again!

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