Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RAN INTO A FILM SHOOT..."Win, Win" 3/25/10

I have experienced many different events and sights in my years of road running. I have run in Hong Kong, run to Shea Stadium and watch an inning of baseball, found lost wallets and articles, run through many scenic vistas (Boston, San Franicisco, Pittsburgh, Napa, New York City and Central Park). I have run to Jones Beach and back and many other South Shore locations. But what I experienced Thursday is very unique. I stumbled on a film shoot of an upcoming movie, "Win, Win", staring Paul Giamatti. Directed by Tom McCarthy ("The Visitor"), the film is a comedic exploration of allegiances and bonds among unlikely characters, due out in 2011. Because of the location shoot, a wide area of streets were closed to traffic in Rockville Centre. I initially thought they were closed mainly because of falling tree danger. Anyway, as a runner, these roadblocks to not apply and I continued up Burtis Avenue to Walnut Street where there was a flurry of activity. Trucks, lights, catering trucks, etc. I spoke to one of the Master Grips (electricians) and he told me what was going on. one of the scenes that they staged was a tree falling. I guess you can count that among the 400 or so that fell in Rockville Centre during the recent storm including my beautiful 80 foot blue spruce.

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